about us

Alejandra Rodriguez Larrain, 34 , Peruvian
Flama founder 

CEO of Peru Runners since 2011, Alejandra is the founder and brain of Flama.


Having two degrees in Business Administration and in Economics and Finance from the University of Piura, she also participated in the 2017 Global Sport Mentoring Program organised by the United States Government and EspnW, which focuses on the empowerment of women through sport.


Marathoner, and businesswoman in the sport industry. For over a decade, she has been implementing large sports events and innovative, community-based projects. She volunteers as a guide runner for visually impaired runners when she can, and enjoys climbing mountains in the Peruvian Andes.

In addition to her leadership abilities, her motivation and passion for sports make Alejandra a perfect manager to increase the impact of the foundation.

Alexia Polis Vander Elst, 24 , Peruvian
Flama co - Founder 

Alexia is a designer, marathoner, and surfer with deep industry experience in sports in Perú, the US, and the UK. She continues to volunteer for many social impact causes and is currently involved (in the distance) in several sport endeavors in London.

Alexia has also volunteered as guide runner for visually impaired athletes in London and Lima and was a running coach for a program in Peruvian Jails: "Running Sets You Free"

Alexia's motivation, passion, and participation in sport, not only generates high impact in Peruvian society but also nourishes the development of women's sports and the progress and impact of the foundation.